What is Stormwater Pollution prevention Plan (SWPPP)?

SWPPP is a written document for a specific site which outlines a number of points.

  • It identifies the potential sources of stormwater pollution.
  • It clearly outlines and describes the stormwater control measures thereby reducing and eliminating pollutants
  • It identifies the procedure(s) to be in compliance with the NPDES permit(s)

Different aspects of SWPPP

The operators of the industrial facilities are required to develop Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) which compiles with National Pollutant Discharge System (NPDES) industrial storm water permit released by the State Water Resources Control Board. This permit came into effect starting July 1st 2015. Hence, all facilities covered under the permit shall prepare the SWPPP and enter all the PRDs into SMARTS in order to avoid serious fines and any other legal issues.

Why a SWPPP?

The purpose of this plan is to avoid the harmful effects of Stormwater quality. The consequences are to insure clean waterbodies, lakes and rivers. The impurities of the stormwater has affected the quality of potable water and reduced to safe use of recreational water, in addition of harming marine life. Hence, SWPPP is needed for the sustainable environment.

H2OEM - SWPPP San Diego

H20 Environmental and Management provides the clients with consulting expertise and provides help in improving the storm water quality during industrial facilities operation during industries facilities various phases comprising of planning, design and construction. It provides with cost effective and innovative services for SWPPP in San Diego areas. With about 30 years of combined professional water engineering and management experience appropriate help is provided in SWPPP.