About Us

H2O Environmental and Management is dedicated to serving the needs of diverse communities in California. Our first objective is to provide our clients with the necessary means and assistance to define their needs and develop the appropriate targeted solutions for all stormwater quality issues. Our water quality extended experience qualifies us to make sound and appropriate judgments that can save our clients unnecessary expense and time. We will respond to your immediate needs with a prompt and competitive proposal that meets your project budget and clearly define the scope of work.

Our ultimate goal is to keep the US water clean in order to both, improve and protect human and aquatic life, and comply with all related State, Federal regulations and laws. Our clients range from federal, state and local governmental agencies to manufacturers, landscapers, civil engineers, construction firms and industrial facilities owners/operators.

We are Qualified Stormwater Developers (QSD), Qualified Stormwater Practitioners (QSP), Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioners (QISP) with extensive experience in storm water management.